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<h4>{color=#033787:Philippine Provider Disclaimer}</h4> <p>{notice;fontweight=500:<strong><em>**Important Notice: James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital – Outpatient and Inpatient Hospital Services**</em></strong>}</p> <p>{notice:<em>Please be advised that until further notice, all outpatient and inpatient hospital care at James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital in Olongapo City, Subic, Philippines will not be cost-shared by the TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP), as&nbsp;</em><strong><em>this facility is currently reviewing agreed standards and responsibilities with International SOS Government Services, Inc., the TOP Contractor.</em></strong><em>&nbsp;As a result, TOP beneficiaries interested in receiving medical care from James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital will be required to pay upfront. To find other Certified/Preferred Providers in the Philippines near you, please use the&nbsp;</em><a href=";!!LMhewFfBWZ5W!JxxO5-VUFC-vwFBJy8H8HD6wPdolr-hXd6ZnwyooV14h0d8De3OnmKguXdRb7L4YweNQ2UB0jfq7NrezWX9ps5uOmWx77UjfWrNb44RABg$" target="_blank"><em>Philippine Provider Search Tool</em></a><em>. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the&nbsp;</em><a href=";!!LMhewFfBWZ5W!JxxO5-VUFC-vwFBJy8H8HD6wPdolr-hXd6ZnwyooV14h0d8De3OnmKguXdRb7L4YweNQ2UB0jfq7NrezWX9ps5uOmWx77UjfWrMSR3GyIQ$" target="_blank"><em>Global 24 Network Services Team</em></a><em>:&nbsp;</em>}</p> <ul> <li>{notice:&nbsp;<em>Phone Number: +632-8687-8656&nbsp;</em>}</li> <li>{notice:&nbsp;<em>Philippines Toll-Free Phone Number: +1-800-10-4562324&nbsp;</em>}</li> <li>{notice:&nbsp;<em>Email:&nbsp;</em><a href="" target="_blank"><em></em></a><em>&nbsp;</em>}</li> </ul> <p><em>{color=#f79646;fontweight=500:Please see IMPORTANT NOTICES under the Quick Links menu (left) for the latest provider updates.}</em></p> <p>To find other Certified/Preferred Providers near you, use the Philippines Provider Search above.&nbsp;If you have any questions or need&nbsp;{fontweight=400;contentlink=/contact-us/asia-pacific/country?tricareregion=pac&amp;country=philippines:assistance}, please contact&nbsp;{marginright=1;fontweight=400;contentlink=/beneficiaries/philippines:Global24 Network Services}.</p> <p>{marginbottom=0:You may seek care from a non-TRICARE certified provider/institution but this will require the provider to be certified by TRICARE. This may result in significant delays in processing of your claim, or possible denial of the claim if the provider declines certification or cannot be certified.}{nomargin=0:}It is recommended that you seek care from providers who are currently TRICARE certified.</p> <p>Always check the status of certification for any provider from whom you may seek care, even if that provider has previously appeared in these listings. These listing are frequently updated and some providers/institutions may either:</p> <ul> <li>be removed for unspecified reasons,</li> <li>request their own removal,</li> <li>fail to be re-certified or</li> <li>be removed to an inactive status for not being used by a beneficiary in two years</li> </ul> <p>TRICARE certification DOES NOT mean the provider/institution will file claims on your behalf. Therefore, always contact the provider ahead of time to ask if they will. It’s more common that these providers will require you to pay upfront for any health care services, and then you’ll need to file your own claims with TRICARE for reimbursement.</p>