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Please see the below table for pre-authorization guidelines when receiving care overseas:

TRICARE Prime Overseas TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas TRICARE Select Overseas (ADFMs)1 TRICARE Select Overseas (Retirees)1
Emergency Care* Not Required Not Required Not Required Not Required
Clinical Preventive Services ADSM: Required

ADFM: Not Required

ADSM: Required

ADFM: Not Required

Not Required Not Required
Mental Health Care ADSM: Required

ADFM: Not Required**

ADSM: Required

ADFM: Not Required**

Not Required** Not Required**
Specialty Care Required Required Not Required Not Required
Urgent Care*** Not Required Not Required Not Required Not Required
Services Requiring
For all beneficiaries, regardless of which TRICARE Health Plan they are enrolled in, the following services require a pre-authorization:
  • Adjunctive Dental Services
  • Non-Emergency Inpatient Mental Health Care**
  • Spravato™ (Esketamine) Nasal Spray
  • Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) Services (ADFMs)
  • Autism Care Demonstration (ADFMs)
  • Home Health Care Services†
  • Hospice Care†
  • Low Protein Modified Foods
  • Skilled Nursing Facility†
  • Organ and Stem Cell Transplants††

†These services are only covered in the United States and U.S. territories.

†† Medicare certification for organ transplant centers is only required for transplants performed in the United States and U.S. territories where Medicare is available. TRICARE may cover organ transplants in overseas locations when medically necessary, reasonable, and commonly accepted in the country where the transplant is performed.

The information above is not all-inclusive. There may be other services requiring pre-authorization, as these guidelines may change periodically. Contact your TOP Regional Call Center to learn more before receiving care. Additional information is also available on and

NOTE: Some authorizations may include important instructions and exclusions (per TRICARE Policy) that apply for the authorized medical consultation. While an authorization confirms the coverage of the evaluation of the medical presentation, authorization for treatment ONLY applies to TRICARE-covered diagnostic procedures and treatments. If applicable, this specific information is displayed in the referral and instructions / exclusions fields of the authorization, under the heading “Important Authorization Coverage Information for TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Beneficiaries and Health Care Providers.” Please note that specific instructions and exclusions information may not be present in every authorization – only when needed to align with TRICARE Policy (e.g., non-covered services).

*International SOS should be notified within 24 hours of admission.

** Certain types of behavioral health care services, including non-emergency inpatient behavioral health care and inpatient admissions for substance use disorders, are excluded and always require a referral and pre-authorization. Contact International SOS for more details. You can get care from a supervised mental health counselor or pastoral counselor, but a doctor must supervise the care, even if in the TRICARE network. Certified mental health counselors don't need doctor referral and supervision.

*** While a referral is not required for Urgent Care if the care is a covered benefit and provided by a TRICARE-authorized provider, TOP beneficiaries can contact their TOP Regional Call Center to help ensure and facilitate cashless/claimless service.

1Note: Beneficiaries who live or travel in the Philippines are required to see a certified provider for care. For more information, visit