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The TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) is the Department of Defense’s health care program serving Active Duty Service Members, Active Duty Family Members, Retirees and other eligible beneficiaries in geographical areas and waters outside of the United States. International SOS is proud to continue in its support of TOP beneficiaries, ensuring quality health care no matter where their work or travels take them.


How do I enroll in a TOP plan online through Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE)?

What is the TRICARE Open Season? Can I make enrollment changes outside of the TRICARE Open Season?

How can I go about getting a TRICARE Contact Wallet Card?

How can I find an International SOS network provider overseas?

Does International SOS offer language assistance services to TOP beneficiaries at the time of a medical appointment?

Is an unmarried dependent over 21 eligible for health care?

If I have TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas, can I get covered health care services when I’m visiting my home in the U.S.?

What are my Pharmacy options for filling prescriptions?