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TRICARE Young Adult (TYA)

TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) Standard has been available since May 1, 2011. The TYA Prime option is available for purchase on December 1, 2011, with coverage beginning January 1, 2012.

Uniformed services dependents under 26, unmarried and not eligible for their own employer-sponsored health care coverage may be qualified to purchase TYA, which offers TRICARE Overseas Standard or TRICARE Overseas Prime or Prime Remote coverage for monthly premiums (see below):

TYA is a premium-based health care plan available for purchase by qualified dependents. When you purchase TRICARE Young Adult, you will have access to medical and pharmacy benefits, but dental coverage is excluded.

TYA Plan Overview
TRICARE Young Adult allows adult children to purchase TRICARE coverage after eligibility for 'regular' TRICARE coverage ends at age 21 (or 23 if enrolled in a full course of study at an approved institution of higher learning).

TYA Prime is a managed health care option with low out-of-pocket costs. Care is delivered through military clinics and hospitals and the TRICARE network of civilian providers.

In addition to TYA Prime, young adult dependents may also be eligible for TYA Standard, which has been available since May 2011. TYA Standard offers eligible dependents the flexibility to see TRICARE-authorized network and non-network providers of their choice, wherever they live or travel.

Eligible Beneficiaries
You may qualify to purchase TYA Standard and TYA Prime or Prime Remote* coverage if you are:
  • A dependent of an eligible uniformed service sponsor
    • If your sponsor is a non-activated member of the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve or of the Retired Reserve, your sponsor must be enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select or TRICARE Retired Reserve for you to be eligible to purchase TRICARE Young Adult coverage.
  • Unmarried
  • At least age 21 but not yet 26 years old (Note: If you were enrolled in a full course of study at an approved institution of higher learning and your sponsor provided 50 percent of your financial support, your eligibility may not begin until age 23)
  • Not eligible to enroll in an employer-sponsored health plan based on your own employment
  • Not otherwise eligible for TRICARE program coverage
TYA Enrollment Information
To enroll in TYA, please click here to complete a TYA Enrollment Form and follow the instructions on how to complete the enrollment application.

Once you have completed the online application, please print and sign the enrollment form and mail or fax it to the following International SOS address along with your two months' premium payment:

         International SOS Assistance
         TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) TYA Enrollments
         PO Box 11520
         Philadelphia, Pa 19116
         Fax: 1-215-354-5015

Beneficiaries may also complete and sign the application and take it, along with their initial premium payment, to a TRICARE Service Center. After the initial two-month payment, premiums must be paid in advance by monthly automated payment.

What Will My Premiums Be?
Type of Coverage: TYA 2015 Premium Rates TYA 2016 Premium Rates
TRICARE Standard/Extra $181 per month $228 per month
TRICARE Prime/Prime Remote $208 per month $306 per month

How Do I Change My Monthly Premium Payment Account?
If you would like to change your designated TYA Premium Payment Account, please download and complete the following form: How Do I Submit a Request for Re-enrollment After Involuntary Disenrollment?
TYA Beneficiaries have 90 days (from the end of the month during which the last full premium was paid) to pay past due premiums before they need to submit a request for consideration to re-enroll in the TYA Program if they are involuntarily disenrolled due to delinquency of payment, late intial enrollment or late change due to qualifying life event (QLE). Please complete a reconsideration request form and submit to International SOS (instructions are included with the form).

* Special Note on TRICARE Young Adult Prime Eligibility Requirements:
TYA eligibility is determined by sponsor status. Those interested should check DEERS to determine eligibility. Enrollment to TOP Prime or TOP Prime Remote is available only to Active Duty Service Members (ADSMs) who are permanently assigned overseas and to Active Duty Family Members (ADFMs) who are Command Sponsored and accompanying their sponsor on his/her overseas tour, or on orders in an overseas location. This includes activated Reserve Component (RC) ADSMs who are on orders to an overseas location for more than 30 days, and their Command Sponsored ADFMs.

If the ADSM and his/her Command Sponsored ADFMs are enrolled in TOP Prime or TOP Prime Remote, and the sponsor is reassigned on unaccompanied PCS orders to a location that does not permit Command Sponsored family members, the family member(s) may retain their TOP enrollment for a period based on the length of the sponsor’s unaccompanied orders (but not to exceed two years). In order to retain TOP enrollment in this situation, the family members must continue to be Command Sponsored and may not relocate elsewhere during the sponsor’s PCS move.

For More Information
Complete information and application forms are available at Sponsors and their adult dependents are encouraged to explore both commercial and military health care plan options and costs when choosing a plan that best meets their needs.